You can customize your own shelves from our multiple line items or just choose from our premade shelves incase you are feeling a bit lazy.

Customize Your Line Shelve in 2 simple steps .

There are multiple variations of box shelves called GRID line items. each serves a different purpose & and unique design. Like you have cabinets, drawers, shelves, shoe racks, and many more ! choose the frame ( each different sized frame can contain different number of boxes. Choose your boxes according to your frame size and checkout !

Step 1 - Choose The Frame .

Add the right frame to your cart based on the amount of line items you need.

STEP 2 - Choose Your Line Items .

Choose the amount of line items from products quick shop according to your frame size and add it your cart.

When you are confident with your design its time to checkout! .

Design The Way You Want

There are multiple sizes of frames that connects the line items with each other. Lets say you need your books - your shoes and your cloths to be kept in one shelve. Choose the 3 line frame - grid double ine item box , then grid drawer box - grid shoe racks and then click finish, you see your shelve is ready!

See Your Design Come to Life

All the items u picked alongside the price tag will be shown on the checkout, GRID furniture will assemble the exactly way you have customized your shelve and will be delivered to you within just 4 days!

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